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The Swiss Psychological Society (Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Psychologie, SGP) is a national association of professionals which aims at promoting psychological science in education, research, and practice.

Aims of the SPS

The intensive development of psychological education and research during the last decades has lead to a professionalization and to a positive public image of psychology. Elaborate international networks have been established within scientific psychology. It is the aim of the SPS to advance these developments and to promote and secure high standards in academic education and further training as well as in psychological research.

How to become a member of SPS is explained under Membership (only in German or French)

Organization of the SPS

The SPS is organized as a registered society. Regular members of the SPS are psychologists with a university degree in psychology as a major subject. At present (2011), the SPS has about 420 members.
Professor Jean Piaget was the first president of the SPS (1943-1945), its current president is Professor Sabine Sczesny, University of Bern (since 2011). The psychological institutes of all universities in Switzerland are represented in the SPS board.